Uppum Mulakum – Latest episodes, Lachu, Shivani, Vishnu, Balu, Baby

Uppum Mulakum – Latest episodes, Lachu, Shivani, Vishnu, Balu, Baby: Uppum Mulakum is the one of the most popular Malayalam sitcom broadcast on Flowers TV. The sitcom started in 14 December 2015. The Uppum Mulalum is based on daily life of Balchandran Thampi and his wife Neelima. They have five children.The series features Biju Sopanam, Nisha Sarangh , Rishi S Kumar, Juhi Rustagi, Al Sabith, Shivani Menon and Baby Ameya.

Uppum Mulakum

Uppum Mulakum is based on the family of Balachandran Thampi ; his wife Neelima  and their five children – Vishnu(Mudiyan), Lakshmi (Lechu), Keshav (Keshu), Shivani (Shiva) and Parvathy (Parukutty).

Uppum Mulakum Lachu

Lakshmi (Lachu) is a lazy girl, beauty conscious and the eldest daughter of Balachandran Thampi and Neelima. She is the one of the most popular character of the sitcom.Her hobbies are listen songs and dancing.She is also an mobile phone addict. She is always seen chatting with her friends. She also make more madness with elder siblings.

The role of Lakshmi (Lachu) is done by Juhi Rustagi . She was born on 10th July 1998 in JaipurRajasthan.  Daughter of the late Reghuvir Saran and Bhagyalakshmi, Ernakulam, Kerala. She was raised in Ernakulam, She is a dancer, learned classical dance from Kerala Kalamandalam. She has an brother Chirag.

Uppum Mulakum Vishnu

Vishnu is a dancer. He is Neelima’s eldest and favourite son. He is also one of the most popular person in this sitcom. His hairstyle makes him more unique and freek. He has a dance group. His hairstyle makes him a popular character. He takes care of his baby sister, and all other children of the family.

The role of Vishnu is done by the Rishi S Kumar. He is was born on 18th August 1994. Son of Sunil Kumar and Pushpalatha. He just started career as a Contestant in D4 Dance in mazhavil manorama. He also done a small role in the movie Paipin Chuvattile Pranayam.

Uppum Mulakum Shivani

Shivani is another child of Balachandran and Neelima. She is so crazy for doing everything. She talk like Adults, She always make madness. Everyone like her character. The role of the Shivani is done by Shivani Menon.
Shivani started her career in television as an anchor of ‘Kilukkampetty’, a phone – in program aired in Clear Vision channel.She also dubbed her voice for ‘Kaliveedu’, an animation movie.

Uppum Mulakum Kesu

Keshu is a little child of Balu and Neelu. He is a foodie.He is naughty but share an unbreakable bond with his siblings. The role of Kesu is done by Al Sabith. He started his career from Super Kids in Kairali TV, It was a kid chat show. This made many changes to his life.

Uppum Mulakum Balu

Balachandran Menon (Balu) is the one of the most important person in this sitcom. He is an electrician and he is lazy to do his works. His favorite son is Kesu. The role of Balachandran menon is done by Biju Sopanam. He started career from the drama. He is now popular on the base of this Sitcom.

Uppum Mulakum Paru

Paru is the elder daughter of Balu and Neelu. She is the most popular now a days, She makes more happiness in this series. The actual name of parutty is Ameya. Her favorite thing in the set is, the cat.
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