Onam Whatsapp Status 2018, Onam Messages 2018

Onam Wishes 2018

Onam Whatsapp Status 2018, Onam Messages 2018

1. My heartiest wishes for you and your family on this auspicious occasion of Onam festival.
2. On the colorful occasion of Onam, I wish you happiness and prosperity, Happy Onam.
3.Hope Onam brings good fortune for you. Happy Onam.
4. May the festival of Onam fill your life with happiness and joy! 
5. May God bless you and your family and fill your home with happiness and Joy.
6.Wishing you a graceful Onam.
 7.Wish you happy and joyful Onam. 
8. May the colors and lights of Onam fill your home with happiness and glow as bright as these Onam deepams! Happy Onam!
9. This Onam may you be showered with good luck, prosperity happiness. Have a wonderful Onam.
10. Hope this Onam turns out to be a great celebration for you.11. May this festival of Onam, be harbinger cheers, good luck, peace prosperity, that lasts all year.
12. May your house be blessed with beautiful harvest! Happy Onam!
13. May the colors and lights of Onam fill your home with happiness and Joy!
14. King Mahabali, blessed you with joy, peace and prosperity for your life forever. Happy Onam!
15. Wish you a very happy and prosperous Onam.
16. May God shower you all with lots of good luck this Onam!
17. Onam is always fun and with you around. I am sure to have a cracker of a time! Wish you a blessed Onam
18. Wish You a Wonderful Onam
19. May you be blessed by King Bali and all your wishes come true!
20. May this Onam day brings you long lasting happiness, may this auspicious days give you good health and wealth!

Onam WhatsApp Status 2018

21. May the celebration of return of pious Mahabali abode well for you and your family!
22.  On this special day, may you indulge in feasting with your loved ones! May peace and Joy fill your heart!
23. Have a joyous and fun filled Onam. Happy Onam.
24.A beautiful land says it with flowers.
25. .Hope the king visits you with lots of good luck this Onam. Happy Onam.
26. Wishing that the love and togetherness of friends and family adds to your Onam celebrations!
27. Happy Onam to you and your family
28. It’s Onam! Hope you enjoy the break to the fullest!
29. As Onam dawns it reminds me of just how special you are. May you experience joy, happiness, peace and prosperity like every never before in your life.
30. Missing all the fun and together time we have every Onam.
31. May you be blessed with treasures of health and wealth! Happy Onam!
32. Forever remembering thoughts of happiness and prosperity with all sweet Onam days. Happy Onam Day.
33. I wish a happy and prosperous Onam to all my friends in Kerala. May the spirit of Onam fill our mind and give us new hopes.
34. This Onam, I wish you to have good life successful career, happy family. Have a wonderful Onam!
35. May this Onam bring in you the brightest and choicest happiness and love you have ever wished for! Happy Onam!
36. May your life be blessed with love and laughter, heartfelt wishes this Onam!
37. Gift your loved ones the feast of Onam.
38. Here by wishing you, a very happy Onam! Have a nice feast!
39. Onam festival. Happy Onam to all.
40. You made my Onam all the more colorful. Thank you happy Onam to you too!

Happy Onam WhatsApp Status

41. The season of joy has arrived warm wishes to you on Onam.
42. Warm Onam wishes for every happiness. Happy Onam.
43. Happy Onam. Be a part of this festival.
44. Enjoy the glorious days of Onam, filled of harvest, cultural feast, music, and merriment.
45. My heartfelt Onam wishes to all.
46. Happy Onam to all dear friends.
47. May the spirit of Onam festival guide and light your way to the path you choose. Have a blessed Onam.
48. On the colorful occasion of Onam. I wish you bountiful of happiness and prosperity. Happy Onam.
49. I wish everyone a very happy and prosperous Onam.
50. Wishing you lots of good wishes.
51. Wishes from afar from a heart that’s still so near. Happy Onam.
52. Life becomes a festival when gaiety and culture blend Onam delivers the message of both.
53. May the celebration of return of pious Mahabali abode well for you and your family!
54. It’s Onam so celebrate the spirit of the harvest festival in all its splendor decorate your house with pookalms listen to the melodious onappattus.
55. Onam is a memory of King Maha Bali. Every year during August or September.
56. May Lord Vanama bless you with a wonderful harvest of your deeds at all times!
57. When Marvel, our king, ruled the land, all the people had equality and people have joyful and merry!
58. May all your prayers be answered! Wishing you fulfilling Onam.
59. Forever remembering thoughts of happiness and prosperity to all with sweet Onam days.
60.May all your prayers be answered! Wishing you fulfilling Onam. No greeting card to give. No sweet flowers to send. No cute graphics to forward. Just loving heart of mine saying happy Onam.

Onam Quotes Whatsapp Status 2018

61. Hope you have a fulfilling Onam.
62. I take the pleasure of wishing you and your family members a Happy Onam.
63. Wishing you a very prosperous, healthy, wealthy and happy Onam to all Malayalee’s in the world.
64. May this Onam gives you a lot of happiness in your life!
65. I take this opportunity to wish a very Happy Onam. May god always shower his blessing on all of you!
69. When King Marvel was ruling the land all people were equal and same there was no theft and betrayal not even little bit lying.
70. Celebrate this day with a heart filled with peace, love and hope. I'm wishing that you are the family do well and may you find your happiness is life.
71. Celebrate the festival of unity love and goodness. Happy Onam!
72. Thinking of you on Onam and fondly hoping for the best of life, may the warmth of this occasion remain in your heart for the days to come!
75. May the spirit of Onam remains everywhere whatever you do whatever you think whatever you hope in your life.
76. From the bottom of my heart, I’m sending my warmest greetings to you. May you and your family have a wonderful Onam celebration!
77. May the spirit of Onam guide you in your life! Let it live inside your heart. Fulfill what you desire and hope for the best.
78. Wishing you in advance happy Onam for all my friends.
79. Memories of moments celebrated together. Moments that have been attached in my heart, forever. Make me miss you even more this Onam.
80. Look at the world as one huge chocolate cake. It would not be complete without a few sweets and nuts. Sweets like me and nuts like you!
81. Best wishes for health, happiness and prosperity.
82. Wishing you lots of good wishes on the joyous occasion of Onam. I am missing everybody. Please convey my regards to all.
83. May the God bless you and fill your heart with joy and happiness!
84. Hi, hereby wishing you with family Happy Onam. Have a nice feast.
85. May the God bless you and fill your heart with joy and happiness!
86. Wishing you a very happy Onam.
87. On this festival occasion of Onam, I wish everyone a very happy and prosperous Onam.
88. Forever remembering thoughts of happiness and prosperity with all sweet Onam days.
89. Wish you a prosperous, colourful, healthy, wealthy and happy Onam.
90. My best wishes for the Onam festival. Enjoy a lot.
91. Let this season brings you all lot of good luck, peace of mind, happiness and all that you wish.
92. Happy Onam to all my dearest one.
93. Wish you, your family and friends a very happy and joyous Onam.
94. Happy Onam. Be happy always.
95. May the spirit of Onam appears everywhere at all time! Happy Onam.
96. Happy and joyful Onam 2018
97. Happy Onam! We wish the very best for both of you.
98. I wish you a very Happy Onam. May the good God bless you and fill your heart with joy and happiness. Have the most beautiful Onam.
99. This time it will be more precious for us because this is my third Onam with you. Happy Onam.
100. Fortunate is the one who has learned to admire, but not to envy. Good Wishes for a joyous Onam.

Happy Onam 2018 Malayalam WhatsApp Status

Ellavarkkum Aishwaryathintheyum, samridhiyudaeyum oru Thiruvonam aashamsikkunnu.  Ente hridayam nirannja Onashamsagal!

Tumbapoovinte Nairmalyavum, Nilavilakinte Parishudhiyumai, Varunna Ponnin Chinga Masathile Thiruvonathe Varavelkan Niranja Snehathode Ente Orayiram ONAM Ashamsagal.

Pooviliyum, Pookkalavum, Onakkodiyum, Onasadhyayumayi oru onam koodi. Ningalkayi ente Ponnonashamsagal!

maveli nadu vaneedum kalam
manusharellarum onnupole
amodhathode vasikkum kalam

kallavum illa chathiyumilla
ellolamilla polivachanam
kallapparayum cherunazhiyum
kallatharangal mattonnumilla

adhikal vyadhikalonnumilla
balamaranangal kelppanilla

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