Make money online, five simple methods

  • Simple methods to make money from internet

  1. Blogging
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Clicking Ads
  4. Freelancing
  5. Data Entry
1.Blogging:-Blogging is the one of  the simplseest method to make money from internet. 

      What is blogging ?
  • Blogging may be defined as it is the place to share your knowledge to the public. In this blogging you can easily choose the subject you know the best.
There is no more defenition for the blogging.The blogging always go like that ..

       How to make a Blog ?
  • In this world there are many websites supporting to develop websites or blog.
Blogs Made with
These five are the most popular websites helps to make blogs and websites.No I prefer the blogger for developing a blog. Because it is fully free to use and easy to access.But most of the peoples are using the wordpress. In my view the blogger by google is the best for beginners.
                      Wordpress is one of the most popular one in the blogging . But it is so costly and expensive.But they were offering something new features than blogger and other websites.The Wix and weebly both are may be looks like same . But the wix is much faster than the Weebly.
                            Finally the tumblr. It may looks  like a profile or facebook page . But it will get the search engine visibility.We can easily change the templates,theme or design by using their free and premium features.

Advantages of Blogger
  • Free templates
  • Easy to use
  • High speed designs free
  • No server cost Required
  • Free support from Google
  • Fastest Adsense Approval
  • Easily Customize blogger design
  • Free Templates

Blogging in blogger has some more advantages as compared to the Wordpress. It will  get better SEO .Easily indexed on the Google Search.

2. Affiliate Marketing
 The affiliate marketing is so simple methods to get money from internet. This is the one of the marketing or referral idea of the online markets like Flipkart,Amazone,Ebay ..etc. 

How to do work with affiliate ?

Friends you just only need to start an account in these affiliate marketing websites.It's free . And then you can easily choose the product from these online shopping sites and suggest these to your friends ,family or others. You can also use this for making more earnings from blogging. These affiliate markets are also providing CPC (cost per click) It helps to get more money.This affiliate marketing is also helpful for youtubers.

3.Clicking on Advertisements
This also a simple method to make money. In this method you need to click on different advertisements. There are many websites paying money for clicks on advertisements. So you can easily make money. ClixSense is the website which paying large amount of money for this simple Adclicking method.

Freelancing is the job which depends upon your skills.This job is need some skills in several areas. It may define as self employment.In this you can sell your skill in online. Which means you skills like writing, drawing, photography , web designing and many more jobs are valid for this. There are many websites are now working for freelancers. You can upload you works on internet and the peoples whose want your work they will pay the money for you.

5.Data entry
This is the easiest job for the peoples whose know the basic knowledge in computer. In this data entry , you only need to edit some data and removing all the mistakes from these data. Some of the online companies are providing this job in online. The payment for this job is depends upon the work of the personoThe worker should have a basic  knowledge on the knowledge which using in the data entry work.