How to get google Adsense approval for blogspot blogs with some simple steps

Getting Adsense approval to a blogger website is not at all easy. But we can make it  by doing something in blogger website.Here i will give you the tips.
I think most of the peoples well known about the google adsense. The adsense is the one of the most popular Adnetwork. More over that they pay large amount of money for their publishers .But getting the google Adsense approval is not easy.The google adsense have some policies to approve an blogger. One of the main thing to approve a blogger is that. The blog should be minimum aged of  6 months .If your blog contain high quality contents and good navigation systems with some pages like privacy and policy, Disclaimer,About ,Contact. They approve your adsense account within two months.

One of the major issue for the blogspot bloggers is the sub domain  .The adsense is not interested to approve the domain with the name of sub domains like So you just purchase a domain from with out any subdomains. And send the request with a business email or your professional email.

If your blogspot blog contain more than 20 posts . You will surely get Adsense approval. There is a big chance to get approval when your blog contain a custom domain with hosting.

7 simple methods to get google Adsense Approval for blog-spot blogs

1.Use a high quality template or purchase a premium templates.

2.Use a custom domain for the blogspot blog.

3.Should include some pages like Privacy and policy, About, Contact ,Dislaimer

4.Should contain 20 posts with good quality

5.Do not use any copyrighted contents like photos , articles in posts.

6.Do not use any unwanted widgets in sidebars.

7.Use a clean and good quality template.

Finally send a request to the Adsense