Top 2 blogging websites in 2017-18

There are many websites are available whose help us to make blogs. But in this 2017&18 there are two toppers in the place of blogging the wordpress and google's own blogger. Both are really good to work. But the best place for the beginners of blogging is googles blogger.

The wordpress is the one of the most popular blogging network. Most of the renowned bloggers are now using the wordpress. In my view the wordpress is not good for beginners of blogging . Because the wordpress has three membership methods . Free,Personal and business. If a beginners whose doesn't have money to purchase wordpress premium versions. The person can't make any magic on blogging . The wordpress personal and business memberships are need to pay some money in every month. But both personal and business memberships are works really well. There is a bigger baggage on the bigger wordpress is that , the user requires the hosting option and custom domain for getting better results on blogging.

The blogger is the simplest and most popularly using blogging network. It is made by google. The google is the father of blogging. Because of the way to make blogging is started by the google blogger. The blogger is the best ever place to start a blog. It is suitable for the beginners .It doesn't need any hosting networks and the storage space is fully free. It helps you to make variety blogs and websites. As compared to the wordpress the blogger has lots of advantages. free unlimited storage space, unlimited words, customizable themes.