How to take screenshot in samsung smartphones

Simple steps to take screenshots in samsung smartphones  

Some of the peoples who using the samsung smartphones has doesn't have any ideas about taking screenshots.I think that is a simple thing to take a screen shot in samsung smartphone whose works on android operating system. There are many methods for taking screenshots in samsung smartphones .In the google playstore there are many apps for taking screenshots. But we don't need any apps for taking screen shots in our samsung smartphones.

  • press power button
  • then press the Home button
Hold both button in 2 seconds 


> how to take screenshot in samsung galaxy grand prime
                                                               galaxy y
                                                               galaxy ace
                                                               galaxy grand neo
                                                               galaxy s3
                                                               galaxy s4
                                                               galaxy s5
                                                               galaxy s6
                                                               galaxy s7
                                                               note 3
                                                               note 4
>You can use the same method for taking screen shots in the most of the android phones.

>Micromax , sony ,htc , lenovo , Motorola 

The main screenshots were made with the principal intuitive PCs around 1960. Through the 1980s, PC working frameworks did not all around have worked in usefulness for catching screenshots. Now and then content no one but screens could be dumped to a content record, yet the outcome would just catch the substance of the screen, not the appearance, nor were illustrations screens preservable along these lines. A few frameworks had a BSAVE charge that could be utilized to catch the region of memory where screen information was put away, yet this expected access to a BASIC incite. Frameworks with composite video yield could be associated with a VCR, and whole screencasts protected along these lines.