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Clash of Clans is a freemium portable system computer game created and distributed by Supercell. The amusement was discharged for iOS stages on August 2, 2012, and on Google Play for Android on October 7, 2013. 

The diversion is set in a dream themed steady world where the player is a head of a town. Conflict of Clans assignments players to manufacture their own town utilizing the assets picked up from assaulting different players through the diversion's battling highlights. The primary assets are gold, mixture and dim remedy. Players can conjoin to make families, gatherings of up to fifty individuals who would then be able to share in Clan Wars together, give and get troops, and converse with each other. 

Conflict of Clans is an online multiplayer amusement in which players fabricate a group (as a faction), prepare troops, and assault different players to win gold, mixture and Dark Elixir. There are four monetary forms or assets in the amusement. Gold and mixture can be utilized to assemble and reload barriers that shield the player from other players' assaults. Remedy and dull solution are likewise used to prepare and update troops and spells. Diamonds are the superior money. Assaults are appraised on a three star scale and have a most extreme planned length of three minutes. 

The diversion additionally highlights a pseudo-single player crusade in which the player can assault a progression of braced troll towns and gain gold and remedy. The diversion has 2 "developers" as a matter of course, yet the player can introduce more manufacturers (most extreme 5) by getting them at an expanding number of jewels. Developers are essential for overhauling any building. In the event that all manufacturers are caught up with updating a building, one needs to either hold up (if the player needs to overhaul an alternate working) for them to be free or finish another building's redesign utilizing jewels 

To win and store gold and remedy, players must form gold mines and gold stockpiles and mixture authorities and solution stockpiles, separately. Mixture is utilized to prepare new troops, do look into in the research center to update troops, to re-stack X-Bows (accessible from Town Hall 9), and to fabricate and overhaul certain structures, for the most part relating to structures utilized as a part of assaulting another player's base. Gold is utilized to assemble guarded structures and to update the town lobby, which enables access to more structures and more elevated amounts for existing structures. At Town Hall 7, dull remedy ends up plainly accessible; this sort of mixture is utilized to prepare and redesign dim solution troops and legends, make dim spells (accessible from Town Hall 8), and fuel the Inferno Tower, a cautious building that is accessible just at Town Hall 10. The Eagle Artillery, a protective building just accessible at Town Hall 11, is energized by mixture. Town Hall 11 additionally gives access to another saint - The Grand Warden. It is the main saint conceived out of solution. To procure and store dull mixture, players must form dim remedy drills and dim solution stockpiles