How to Speed up your android smartphone by using a simple app

Speed up your android smartphone which run too slow bu using an application called android assistance. It works effectively in your android smartphone. It is also work well in the phone which has little RAM and STORAGE capacity. The android assistance app using for different purposes. Such as system cleaning,Backup apps,Boosting etc..
                            It is a small size app. It has only about 7.0MB. It is not need much storage space for working. It is very useful to cleaning and boosting. It works very well than other apps of big size. This app is also contain startup app manager, its works at the time of starting .

Uses of android assistance
1. Catch cleaner
2. Backup datas & apps
3. Move apps to SD card
4. Batch install
5. Batch uninstall
6. Switch mobile network and wifi
7. Booster
Its available in Playstore